Go automatic with recurring billing

Save time so you can focus on what matters most.

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Save time with recurring payments

Quickly set up credit card payments and switch between automatic and manual billing whenever you want. When the feature is off, we’ll send the invoice for you. When it’s on, we’ll send your customer an email receipt.

Send recurring invoices with total flexibility

Customize invoices for any day of the week, month, or timezone, and with any frequency. Visit our invoicing page to learn more.

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Go automatic to get paid faster.

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What keeps me glued to Wave is recurring invoicing. Setting up and automatically sending them to recipients is a favorite feature.

Sam Bazargan - Achieve Applabs  

See all recurring billing features

  • Automatic receipts for processed payments
  • Allow saved payment methods
  • Choose preferred payment method
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Time zone control
  • Turn recurring on and off
  • Turn off recurring without deleting your invoice
  • Automatically send invoices to multiple recipients
  • Add your logo and brand colours
  • Drag-and-drop editing
  • Create once and duplicate
  • Change sender or add recipients
  • Add custom messages
  • Filter by invoice status for easier viewing
  • Hover over an invoice to view details on the main page
  • See all invoices created on a recurring schedule

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